Sustainable summer: let's take care of our beaches

Sustainable summer: let's take care of our beaches

Helping to clean our beaches by collecting rubbish and other waste which may end up contaminating the water is a way of getting involved.

According to the results of a study by the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (ICTA-UAB), most of the waste in the sand on our beaches consists of plastic (36.8 %) and cigarette butts (30.6 %).

Each cigarette butt can contaminate between 8 and 10 litres of sea water, and contains substances like cadmium, arsenic, tar and toluene, which have devastating effects on nature when they come into contact with the water; the ingestion of these products can result directly in the death of birds and cetaceans.

When you go to the beach, it is important that you collect all your waste and dispose of it in the right bins (and if there aren’t any bins where you are, then you should take it away with you and find some).

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