Welcome to Fashion Comfort

Lenag Nazeki is a label for active women. Women with a youthful spirit looking for design, quality and, above all, comfort in their daily lives.

Modern designs, comfort and a new way of understanding fashion all come together in the label’s original, cheerful collections. Always with an eye on sustainability and fully in line with the “slow fashion” concept, we are committed to the durability of the garments we make, the environment and corporate social responsibility.

Quality, exclusive design, comfort and technology are the four pillars of our collections, which are born of experience and a love for fashion.

We’re inspired by...


Society consumes 400% more clothes than it did 20 years ago and throws them away in half the time. These figures are particularly relevant if we take into account the fact that the textile industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

We are committed to the slow fashion concept, quality, made-to-last clothes to counter the whirlwind of throwaway fashion.

Because we believe in responsible consumption, which we think should be present in every facet of our lives.

Because we believe that your clothes define you. They define your style, your tastes... They define your principles and your lifestyle.

Social Responsibility

We believe that together we can build a better world and we want to do our bit through our work, our day-to-day lives. A responsible approach to consumption governed not only by the price tag, but which also takes into account other factors, such as the production process and where the profits from purchases go.

That is why 0.7% of our profits go towards social causes, so our label can contribute to improving the world in its own little way.


We believe in art and creativity. We want to raise the profile of artists, both those closest to home (through our brick and mortar store) and those in the international community (through our online store).

Because we want to make the close link between fashion and art visible through our label.